Nokia Wavelengths 2020

Go beyond the limit
October - November 2020 (Singapore Time)


Wavelengths Webinars

Go beyond the limit with our exciting new virtual Wavelengths sessions!

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Go beyond the limit

Join us for this exclusive webinar series

Nokia Wavelengths 2020 is a unique invitation-only webinar series designed to provide you with the latest information on optical networking and Nokia’s broad portfolio of insight-driven solutions. In these virtual, regional sessions you will learn about product and technology innovations shaping the future of optical networking. If you are involved with strategic planning, network design, or network services, this is an ideal program for you.

Registration is now available via the Agenda page.

Interested in participating?

Should you have any queries about participating in Wavelengths 2020 please contact Karen Whitaker at +49 171 305 1967 or